Plan it. Create it. Sell it.

five students sitting in cubbies looking at each other's yearbooks

Steps To Creation

Our download provides a step-by-step outline to guarantee a simple approach to creating the yearbook. Follow our seven steps, and you will be on your way to creating a yearbook that your students will cherish forever.

seven steps to make a yearbook document
Create the Yearbook

Color Correction Tutorials

Download our Photoshop tutorials to help you fix your images. No more yellow gym photos or dark faces! These step-by-step guides are easy-to-follow and simple for everyone.

Photo Scavenger Hunt

Our Scavenger Hunt worksheet challenges your students to think of yearbook photos in a new way. And as a bonus, you will have a bunch of new photos to show off in the yearbook.

What to Include in the Yearbook

Not sure what kind of photos to take for the yearbook? Proper planning ensures you have a variety of photos for the creation process. Use this guide to help you keep track of each type of photo for each event, spread or section in your book.

Checklist to make sure you are on schedule for the beginning of the school year

Getting Started Checklist

Use our Getting Started Checklist to start your year off right. Follow our tasks, and you will be on your way to creating a yearbook that your students will cherish forever.

Sell the Yearbook

Successful Sales

Our Five Tips for Successful Selling sheet helps you to focus your efforts this year. These tips come directly from our customers, who have experience selling and promoting their yearbook throughout the year.

Have a Profitable Yearbook Program

Want to make your yearbook program affordable for all students to enjoy a yearbook? Download our Yearbook 101 worksheet to learn the basics of yearbook marketing.

Getting Started Guide

We provide a step-by-step process on how to get started on the yearbook this year, with everything from questions to ask your photographer to creation, we include it all.

A list of some of our favorite theme ideas

Best Themes of the Year

Download our “Best of Themes” to get inspired. On the worksheet, we provide tips on the best colors, fonts, and templates to use. Don’t like one of these themes? Talk to your School Annual Yearbook Specialist, and they can help you come up with something your students will cherish.

Plan Your Yearbook

Back-2-School Checklist

Back-2-School time can be overwhelming! Start the school year off right with our Back-2-School Yearbook Checklist.

Copyright Guidelines

Copyright can be a tricky subject to navigate. Download our Copyright Guidelines to help you work through the complicated topic. If you are unsure about something, ask your School Annual Yearbook Specialist, and they can help.

Photo Planner

Click to download our Photo Planner to assist in getting more image variety in your yearbook. Our Photo Planner will also help keep your event photos organized.