Themes & Covers That Wow.

Your school yearbook theme is the canvas on which you’ll paint your school year. Flow it through every page with colors, fonts and clip art that tie your unique school moments together. Choose from over 40 yearbook themes.
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Our Most Popular Themes

Getting started is a snap. Browse our most popular themes and covers to inspire you. We’ll help you find matching fonts, clip art, and colors to bring it all together. Here’s a sampling to get you started.

Rose Gold theme template image with colors and examples
Out of This World original theme and examples of how to make it
Sailor Theme with images and colors how to create it

2017 – 2018 Yearbook Covers

Each year we add over 30+ new covers to our yearbook cover library, giving you the widest variety of options for expressing your one-of-a-kind elementary school year. Create your own from scratch, or select one of our professionally-designed covers.

Yearbook Cover 8001, Digi Dimention Cover with Dragon
Cover 8001
Yearbook Cover 8002, Digi Dimention Cover with Robots
Cover 8002
Yearbook Cover 8003, Digi Dimention Cover with Panda
Cover 8003
Yearbook Cover 8004, Digi Dimention Cover with Spaceships
Cover 8004
Yearbook Cover 8005, Play cover with Toy Story T-rex
Cover 8005
Yearbook Cover 8006, Play cover cowboy theme
Cover 8006
Yearbook Cover 8007, Play cover Spaceship launch
Cover 8007
Yearbook Cover 8008, Play cover wild west theme
Cover 8008
Yearbook Cover 8009, Play cover Monsters inc
Cover 8009
Yearbook Cover 8010, Pirate cover with anchor
Cover 8010
Yearbook Cover 8011, Pirate Cover with treasure map
Cover 8011
Yearbook Cover 8012, Pirate cover with cartoon ship and pirates
Cover 8012
Yearbook Cover 8013, Pirate cover with leather texture and ship
Cover 8013
unicorn yearbook cover
Cover 8015
Yearbook Cover 8016, Vintage cover with cold confetti
Cover 8016
Yearbook Cover 8017, Vintage cover with pink background and gold deer head outline
Cover 8017
Yearbook Cover 8018, faith cover with plaid and mountain
Cover 8018
Yearbook Cover 8019, faith cover with two angels over Earth
Cover 8019
Yearbook Cover 8020, faith cover with dove in text circle
Cover 8020
Yearbook Cover 8021, faith cover with black and white quote
Cover 8021
Yearbook Cover 8022, faith cover with three doves
Cover 8022
Yearbook Cover 8023, faith cover blue with deer
Cover 8023
Yearbook Cover 8024, Inspire cover with quote in circle
Cover 8024
Yearbook Cover 8025, Inspire cover Life is Change
Cover 8025
Yearbook Cover 8026, inspire cover with black doodles and orange quote
Cover 8026
Yearbook Cover 8027, inspire cover, don’t be afraid to be great
Cover 8027
Yearbook Cover 8028, inspire cover lightbulb
Cover 8028
Yearbook Cover 8029, school marks cover chalkboard
Cover 8029
Yearbook Cover 8030, school marks cover school supplies
Cover 8030
Yearbook Cover 8031, school marks schoolbus
Cover 8031
Yearbook Cover 8032, school marks popart
Cover 8032
Yearbook Cover 8033, emojihaiku cover blue 12
Cover 8033
Yearbook Cover 8034, emojihaiku cover black 12
Cover 8034
Yearbook Cover 8035, Emojihaiku cover scattered
Cover 8035
Yearbook Cover 8036, chalkboard cover
Cover 8036
Yearbook Cover 8037, color my world cover crayons
Cover 8037
Yearbook Cover 8038, color my world cover doves
Cover 8038
Yearbook Cover 8039, color my world cover colored pencils
Cover 8039
Yearbook Cover 8040, find your voice cover
Cover 8040
Yearbook Cover 8041, patriotic cover eagle
Cover 8041
Yearbook Cover 8042, patriotic cover star
Cover 8042
Yearbook Cover 8043, patriotic cover stripes
Cover 8043
Yearbook Cover 8044, colorpop cover fidget spinner
Cover 8044
Yearbook Cover 8045, colorpop cover geometric
Cover 8045
cute yearbook cover with colorful fish
Cover 8046
yearbook cover with goldfish and bubbles
Cover 8047
inspirational yearbook cover with sunrise
Cover 8048
yearbook cover with clouds and sky
Cover 8049
yearbook cover with cross
Cover 8050
yearbook cover with comic book theme
Cover 8051
Yearbook Cover 8052, school iconography cover school supplies tree
Cover 8052

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