Frequently Asked Questions

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Creation Questions

How Much Time Does It Take to Build My Yearbook?
Depending on the situation, you set the pace. For some schools, it can take an entire school year –– if only limited time and resources are available. For other schools, it can be accomplished in as little as a week. Whether it is a staff of one or many, we are here to help you every step of the way.
What Support is Available for My Yearbook Creation?
Our School Annual Yearbook Specialists will work with you year round to provide help, ideas and tips. We will also provide you with a yearbook kit that includes everything you’ll need to create a successful yearbook: instruction, planning guides, marketing materials and more –– not to mention tutorials and videos to help you along the way.
Can I See How Many Times a Student Appears in the Yearbook?
Yes! And it’s easy. Our Coverage Report allows you to track how many times a specific student is featured in your yearbook so you can confidently ensure that every student makes it into the yearbook.
I Need Help Flowing My School Portraits, Can You Help?
Yes, the flowing of portraits is very easy. Pick out the portrait template you want to use, make sure to find a template that will fit your largest class. Place that template on each page you want your classes on, go to the flow tab on the right-hand side, chose the class for that page and click the flow button. Just like that, you are done adding the photos. Or we can do it for you if you send us your school’s portrait disc or create a zip file and email it to us.

Pricing Questions

Which IMPACTS my Total Cost More, Page Count or Book Count?
It’s a blend. One can determine the other. The more pages you have in your book the higher your per copy price will be, but the greater your total yearbook copy count is, the lower your total cost will be. We work hard with you to find a good baseline for your needs and follow up with ways to help you sell those books.
Does Yearbook Shipping Cost Extra?
No, shipping is included in your price. We’ve always shipped our books free of charge!
Are There Any Hidden Fees or Taxes?
You’ll never find hidden fees of any kind. If you want to change your page or copy count, add Flashbax or Autograph inserts, custom cover, etc., we will let you know upfront how this will affect your total price and give you the time to make that call. We do nothing behind the scenes without your input first!
Does School Annual Online Cost Money to Use?
No. School Annual Online is a free software service for creating your yearbook designs and layouts. We offer it complementary to all customers.

Art Questions

How Big is the School Annual Clip Art/Template Library?

It’s massive. We have hundreds of pre-created templates to choose from and over 14,000 pieces of clip art to choose from. You’ll never run out of ideas!

How Many Fonts Are Available to Choose From?
We have countless fonts available for you to use when you create pages. You can quickly turn on or off the fonts you want to use while working on pages.
Is Matching Themes to a Cover Easy?
Yes! Our Quick Creator Theme option lets you easily select a theme, place templates and add in backgrounds to end up with theme that is flowed throughout out the book. We also have themes to match specific covers which is another great benefit, and saves you a lot of time up front.
Is it easy to choose a yearbook cover?
Yes! We have more than 50 different designs to choose from, or one of our customer service representatives can help you create a custom cover as well.

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