Enhance and Customize

Make your yearbook even more special with our customization, personalization and accessory options. With features your students will love, your yearbook is sure to be a success.
three children outside on a bench looking at a yearbook

Make it Personal

Students can have their name, school name, school year –– and whatever short copy they want –– stamped in ink on the front of their school yearbook. Pair it with custom icons for a personal touch.

Choose from 21 ink colors, up to 4 icons and 3 lines of text for a truly unique design!

5 yearbooks that have students name written on the yearbook cover in gold foil
open book showing Year-in-review in the entertainment section

Year-in-review Section

Flashbax, is like a time capsule inside the yearbook! It’s eight pages that we curate throughout the year, covering the biggest headline news, pop culture, music and entertainment happenings.

I have been our school’s Yearbook Editor/Advisor with School Annual going on nine years now. They put out a wonderful product that leaves our teachers, staff, parents, and students in awe! The online program is easy to navigate and new items get added every year. The pictures are sharp, the pages are colorful, and the Flashbax Section is amazing! When the yearbooks are handed out, it is an event, and we sell out every year!
Bea Bailey

Yearbook Adviser, Holley-Navarre Primary School , Navarre, Florida

Cover Upgrades

Upgrade your cover by adding a custom title or personalization. It’s a great way to add individuality to a cover and make your yearbook a true masterpiece.

three yearbooks
Add More to Your Yearbook.
additional and customizable pages

Spring Memory Pages

Before Spring Memory Pages, it was impossible to include late-in-the-year activities in your yearbook and have it delivered in time. Add spring sports, class trips, spring dances, last day of school, graduation and more! 

white pages in a yearbook to sign

Autograph Section

Yearbook signing day is a fun way to celebrate a great school year. To gather signatures, we can provide printed autograph pages so that EVERY student can create memories, even those who did not purchase a yearbook.

plastic covering for the yearbook to protect it

Clear Covers

Because yearbooks are prone to wear and tear, we offer your parents the choice of ordering a clear protective yearbook cover to protect their child’s yearbook memories. This allows the cover art to really shine through.

Get a Sample

Get a sample yearbook sent directly to you. Gather ideas and inspiration all while seeing a live example of what School Annual can do for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Big is the School Annual Clip Art/Template Library?
It’s massive. We have hundreds of pre-created templates to choose from and 1,000 pieces of clip art to choose from. You’ll never run out of ideas!
Is Matching Themes to a Cover Easy?
Yes! Our Quick Creator Theme option lets you easily select a theme, place templates and add in backgrounds to end up with theme that is flowed throughout out the book. We also have themes to match specific covers which is another great benefit, and saves you a lot of time up front.
How Many Fonts Are Available to Choose From?
We have countless fonts available for you to use when you create pages. You can quickly turn on or off the fonts you want to use while working on pages.
Is it easy to choose a yearbook cover?
Yes! We have more than 50 different designs to choose from, or one of our customer service representatives can help you create a custom cover as well.