Having a good amount of quality photos to choose from for the yearbook is important, but sometimes it can be hard to keep students on your yearbook committee motivated. Try a photo scavenger hunt! It will help students think of photography in a new way and encourage them with a little friendly competition.

1. Timeline: Decide on a start & stop date. Try making the challenge run during a time several school events are happening for more photo opportunities.

2. Set Clear Rules: Will they work in groups, be assigned specific classes or be able to pose students to get the photos they need?

3. Decide On A Scoring System: More common photos can be worth less points (Athlete in uniform for 1 point) while more challenging photos should be worth more points (Student showing strong emotion to something that just happened for 5 points)

4. Print Out School Annuals Pre-designed Scavenger Hunt Worksheet: You don’t have to create the scavenger hunt from scratch if you don’t want to. Click Here to download a full scavenger hunt or a blank scavenger hunt worksheet template to make it your own.

5. Prizes: What will the winner receive? It doesn’t have to be big or expensive. Some ideas are: a certificate, king size candy bar, free time in class, one-time homework pass or maybe pizza for a winning group. Don’t forget to recognize the winner/winners on your school’s website or Facebook page for an extra confidence boost!

Just like that there’s a lot more photos to choose from to create your best yearbook yet. Have questions about how to create your best yearbook? Give us a call at 1-800-436-6030.