Superlatives are not just for Seniors!

Add some personality to your yearbook class pages with interesting fun facts about your students and teachers. Keep it light-hearted and encouraging so students will enjoy referring to them for years to come.

Here are some ideas to help you get started.

For Students:

  • Best Line Leader
  • Best Storyteller
  • Most Style
  • Neatest Desk
  • Best Handwriting
  • Most Creative
  • Most Caring
  • Most Likely To Help The Teacher
  • Super Speller
  • Rapid Reader
  • Most Active Imagination
  • Quietest
  • Best Friend
  • Most likely To Be Your Boss Some Day
  • Math Magician
  • Best Listener
  • Most School Spirit
  • Most Unique Style
  • Always Smiling
  • Best Jokes
  • Most Likely To Be President
  • Superb Singer
  • Always Ready
  • Most Likely To Start A Snowball Fight
  • Most Likely To Run In The Hall
  • Most ‘I Can Do It’ Attitude
  • Best Sharer
  • Future Mad Scientist
  • Fastest Runner
  • Computer Specialist
  • History Buff

For Teachers:

Most Likely To…

  • Remember Your Name
  • Know The Score Of Last Night’s Game
  • Sing In Class
  • Give You A Nickname
  • Play Games At Recess
  • Be Mistaken For A HS Student
  • Have A Pet In Class
  • Give You Extra Busywork
  • Share Childhood Stories
  • Loose Their Pen
  • Need More Coffee
  • Inspire A Student

Superlatives can be as unique as your school community, so remember to have fun with them!

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