You’ve worked hard to create a great yearbook…now how do you encourage the school community to buy it?

It can seem like a big task but here are a few ideas to help boost your yearbook sales.

  1. Plan marketing activities that result in dynamic coverage for the yearbook.
  2. Use your yearbook theme to inspire all marketing campaigns.
  3. Use the publication’s hashtag for all social media postings. (EXAMPLE: #schoolannualyearbooks )
  4. Sell yearbooks at open houses. Use a raffle to drive traffic to the table.
  5. Create a marketing contract for each student on the yearbook staff.
  6. Partner with an on-campus business-related club or organization to develop a marketing campaign implemented by more than just yearbook students.
  7. Use your Coverage Report to target students who are featured but have not purchased a yearbook.
  8. Use social media to engage students, collect content and sell yearbooks.
  9. Create a buy-a-yearbook, get-a-thing offer.
  10. Recognize buyers publicly, with some kind of inexpensive prize or reward.
  11. Take advantage of holidays as marketing opportunities and order-by deadlines.
  12. Use direct messages to reach out to individuals who have not purchased yet.
  13. Have yearbook members write notes of appreciation to faculty and staff members.
  14. Near deadline for pricing, put flyers next to all the clocks in the school.
  15. Spread the word through an all-school phone call or email.
  16. Use the index as another place to cover students who are in the book 1-2 times and have purchased a yearbook.
  17. Set up an evening call-a-thon event to contact parents of non-buyers at home.

Don’t forget to have fun selling your yearbooks and try being creative.

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