Summer has arrived! Time for hot sun, cold drinks…and yearbook planning. Although you may be feeling like you just finished thinking yearbook, right now is truly the best time to plan ahead for next year while this year is still fresh in your mind. It doesn’t even have to take a lot of time! Here are a few points to get you better prepared for next school years yearbook season.

Themes – It’s never too early to start thinking about themes! Jot down any theme ideas you’ve seen that caught your eye to keep in mind for next year.

Notes – Make yourself some good notes. What worked well, what didn’t and who was able to help with different elements of the yearbook.

Summer Photos – Make sure you have a plan to get photos of school summer events like sports & club activities.

Review Yearbook Size – You’re looking through your beautiful finished yearbook and realize…I really should have put that event on two pages or I wish I had saved a page for ____! Now is a good time to think about adjusting the yearbook page count for next year. Be sure to write down why the change is needed so you know exactly what to say while getting budgeting approval next year.

Welcome The New Adviser – If you will be passing the yearbook creation to someone else next year make sure they have all the info they need, any notes you made and the school’s current yearbook representative info so they will know who to contact in case any questions arise.

Don’t Forget To Relax – You worked hard to make something that can be looked back on for generations. That’s pretty amazing! You deserve some R&R.

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