Whether your school formed 80 years or 8 months ago it’s important to remember & celebrate how far it’s come. Creating a School History page in your yearbook is a great way to help new students & staff feel connected to the school as well as reminding returning school members of past achievements.

Some information you could include is:

  1. When was the school built?
  2. Who built it?
  3. How did the school get it’s name?
  4. Original school song or motto?
  5. Who was the first principle or superintendent?
  6. Has anything ever happened to the school building? (added onto, fire, moved, rebuilt, etc)
  7. How was the school mascot or school colors chosen?
  8. Has anyone famous ever gone to the school?
  9. How many students have graduated through the years from the school?
  10. Have any big events taken place at the school?

Try to add pictures like:

  1. What was there before the school was built?
  2. The school building being built.
  3. How the building has changed throughout the years.
  4. Original school grounds (playground, ball fields, etc)
  5. First graduating class
  6. First principle or superintendent
  7. Original mascot
  8. Big school/area wide events that took place at the building.

Where can you find all this this information? Try the school’s office, school/town libraries or longstanding community members. Remember, a school is more than just the building so be sure to include the people who have helped make your establishment what it is today.

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Happy page building!