Your yearbook club or class is more than individual students. You’re a team! Just like any other sports team or club, you need a uniform. You can probably skip the cleats and shoulder pads, but outfitting your staff in yearbook t-shirts is a great way to bring everyone together. Plus, yearbook shirts can serve a variety of purposes.

When designing your staff shirts, you should strategize how they can serve as more than a piece of clothing. Should your shirts promote the yearbook? Should they be attention-grabbing? Or, should they simply be fun and inclusive to your team? Whatever you chose, make them only accessible to yearbookers, and of course, make them awesome.

Easy Promotion

Staff shirts are a great way to spread awareness about your yearbook. Your shirts can promote upcoming discounts or deadlines. If other students think your shirts are awesome, they will likely assume the yearbook is too! Plan for your entire staff to wear them on the same days for the highest exposure around your school.

If yearbook promotion is your goal, consider shirts with phrases like:

  • Best. Yearbook. Ever.
  • Don’t miss out. Get your yearbook before [date]!
  • Yearbook Staff [School Name]

Along with advertising your yearbook, your staff shirts can promote your club. They can inspire other students in your school to join your yearbook staff (and get themselves an awesome t-shirt, too). If your ultimate shirt goal is to recruit or promote your yearbook, get lots of input from your team on the design! They know what will attract other students and grab attention to increase sales.

Team Building

Your staff shirts can help your students feel closer as a team and receive the recognition they deserve. Many other students will notice your team wearing their shirts together, ask what they do and recognize the group as a whole. Many times, yearbookers work isn’t wildly known. Staff shirts label them as a face behind the project to the rest of the student body. Maybe you have specific shirts for editors, photographers, writers, etc.

If team building is your goal, try using phrases like:

  • Headlines and deadlines are my life
  • We call the shots!
  • Mess with us and we’ll spell your name wrong
  • We’re not stalking. We’re in Yearbook.
  • We never lose focus

Like any other team, uniformity brings cohesion. Having an awesome shirt to model to their friends and fellow classmates will make your yearbookers proud to be part of the team.

Student Design

Lastly, take the opportunity to encourage your staff to be creative and create a shirt design from scratch. This can be great practice for them to develop their design skills and try something different. Incorporate your yearbook’s theme or cover. Or, use a funny design phrase or a yearbook inside joke.

If showcasing student talent is your goal, these phrases are sure to spark interest:

  • Oh, crop!
  • Be BOLD or italic, but never regular
  • We’re so font-sy
  • More style than the AP
  • A phrase related to your yearbook theme

Ask your designers to mock-up a few ideas and then put them all to a vote. Your staff shirts are a symbol of all your students’ hard work. Spend time choosing something everyone will love and wear them with pride!

Need more ideas for the perfect yearbook staff shirt?

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