Over 30 years ago, former President Ronald Reagan declared the first full week of October National Yearbook Week! This week celebrates decades of memories treasured in every yearbook, and the dedication and creativity put into creating them. For your yearbook team, it’s the perfect excuse to take a small break and celebrate your hard work (pizza party, anyone?). You can also use this week as a unique time to promote your upcoming yearbook! Here are a few ways your team can celebrate National Yearbook Week:

The good old days

Your yearbook team is making history! At your next meeting, set-up a table of all your school’s past yearbooks to see how they evolved. How have the photos or themes changed over the years? Adding your yearbook to this line of history is an incredible contribution and something to celebrate!

Guess who!

It’s game time! Ask staff and faculty members to submit their old yearbook photos and create a “guess who” wall. The bigger the perms and glasses, the better. Let students try to identity who the photo belongs to. Award the winner a prize!

Photo contest

A photo contest can be a great option to allow every student in your school to contribute to your yearbook. Plus, you can collect more images to use! Announce a contest for the best photo that will make a star appearance in your yearbook. Maybe it’s an exploding experiment in science class, or the shot of a winning goal. Display the photo in your yearbook for all to see!

Theme party

Your yearbook team rocks. Celebrate National Yearbook Week by throwing a staff ice cream social or pizza party in the theme that follows your yearbook! This week is a time to reflect on your progress and have fun.

Special promotion

This week is a perfect opportunity to promote a limited-time yearbook discount. Announce the special with flyers or on your school’s website. Make sure your yearbook team wears their staff t-shirts to spread the word!

Thank you

Take time during this week to thank your yearbook adviser. A small gift or card signed by your team can express your thankfulness for their hard work and leadership!
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