The Doodle theme is perfect for schools who want a hand-drawn look. Doodle also goes well with notebook-themed yearbooks (think about doodles in a school notebook or on graph/lined paper). Pair it with a handwritten font and you’re on your way!
The Emoji theme is a student favorite. You can never have too many emojis! Coordinate your emoji cover with emoji clip art and backgrounds on the inside of the book to complete the emoji look!
Using this theme in your yearbook will pack a serious punch! Superheroes are so popular right now, and they work perfectly with our Comic theme. Use a bubble or block font and bright colors to tie the inside of the yearbook together. Kapow!
Chalkboard themes are a huge school favorite. What says school more than a classic chalkboard? With all kinds of clip art to match the theme, you can find endless ways to customize your book and still have a cohesive finished product. You can even pair emojis and chalkboards together! Match this theme with bright colors and a handwritten font to really tie the look together.
A fun and modern spin on the classic school theme. This theme is so versatile that you can select any clip art pieces, fonts or colors you’d like to customize your book and it will still look great. Also included in this theme are a bunch of colorful and fun yearbook covers, so the outside of your book can be just as timeless as the inside!
We’re here to help make a meaningful yearbook that will end up in the hands of every student, all while providing you with a fun and hassle-free yearbook experience. We promise to make your experience with School Annual easy, fun and affordable.

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