One of your first projects will be organizing your upcoming yearbook. The toughest question is always where to start! Organization is the key to executing a great yearbook. If organization doesn’t come naturally to you, follow these tips and make sure to use your School Annual Account Representative to help make this process completely seamless.




My first suggestion is to make a simple page ladder on your computer, so you can save it from year to year and only update what needs to be changed.  To do this, create a two-column spreadsheet and label each page with a number.  Start with page 1 on the right side and then page 2 & 3 across from each other on the next line. Continue numbering until your reach the total number of pages in your book. Save this as your template!


Start by searching the templates and based on how many images will appear on each page. Next, review the template you would like to use for the underclassmen and determine how many pages you will need for each grade level. You can always leave an extra page as a buffer to make sure you have space for new students. This buffer can become a great place for candids if you end up having extra space. Students who were absent on picture day or avoided the photographer can also be included in these candids so that everyone is included in the book.

Next, you will want to list all the events that you want featured in your yearbook. Once all the events have been listed, create a folder on your computer to store your pictures.  The main folder will be labeled Yearbook and inside that folder, include all the events listed on your page ladder. As you take photos during the year, store them in the appropriate folders and then upload them to Having a place for all your images will save time when you begin assembling your yearbook and it will keep you from scrambling for photos at the last minute.


Next, find a copy of last year’s book and use it as a guide for creating your page ladder.  Many of the events and activities included in your previous book will also appear in this year’s book. Before you begin labeling your pages for the professional pictures, you are going to want to consult your data entry person and get the number of students in each grade level. This way, you can determine how many pages you will need for each group/grade. When dealing with high school yearbooks, seniors deserve to stand out, and this can be accomplished by making those photos slightly larger than the rest of the underclassmen. You can do the same thing for the grades that will be “graduating” at the end of the year.


Last but not least, order your supplies and create your team.  If you do not have a class or club, you will want to secure a few extra sets of eyes to help proof your book and take pictures.  School Annual Online also has a great app called ReplayIt, where you can allow others to upload pictures to the website where they can be approved by you for the book.  It is very challenging to be everywhere and capture every event, but School Annual Online has created some amazing resources to help make your life easier.  When in doubt, contact your Account Representative to assist you in your journey.  Good luck and let the planning begin!
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“Sponsoring the yearbook club at the elementary level and having a sleepover in the media center to work on the yearbook all night with the students has been the best yearbook memory.”