We have heard from countless advisers looking to provide the tradition of a yearbook. However, distance learning has restricted many components that go into it. So what content goes in a yearbook where students are in and out of the classroom, activities are canceled or modified, and people have been required to keep their distance? As it turns out – a lot! This is the yearbook of a lifetime, so fill the pages with additional content that matters! 

1. COVID content pages from us! These free and fully designed pages cover facts and figures about the pandemic and provide space for students to capture their thoughts about their experience. 

2. Feature this year’s top trends: social media, new fashion (loungewear!), and popular games are always fun. 

3. Use a few pages to highlight the experiences of a couple students. Highlight them with a fun portrait, quotes and stories. If a portrait isn’t available, that’s ok! An all-text page will still be great.


4. School Annual’s Flashbax insert is full of this year’s top news stories. We curate eight pages of news from throughout the year, covering the biggest headlines, pop culture, music, and entertainment happenings.

5. Showcase at-home desk setups and workspaces. Your students’ learning environment will likely never again include a kitchen table and siblings!

6. Many families Volunteered this year. Request photos for a few pages of students or teachers who might have gone the extra mile to help deliver food, pass out school materials, or help neighbors.  

7. Recognize your teachers and staff members – the true heroes of the year – with a few pages of candid photos and quotes about adapting to virtual learning.

8. Create a Google Form to collect quotes and photos about family, technology, hobbies, and learning. Try a Q&A or just fun statements to create pages that will be a keepsake for students to reflect on their experiences.   

9. Highlight a letter from the principal to students at the beginning or end of the yearbook. It could include a list of modifications made to learning spaces, new school rules, and other unique changes to this school year.  

10. Snacks! Purchase inexpensive but popular snacks and photograph them for a page or two dedicated to our favorite eats! Earn bonus points by including a quote from a student about each snack.