What our customers have to say about School Annual

“My School Annual rep has been one of the very best representatives I have had the privilege to work with.  He has great suggestions, gets back with me in record time when I need help, and provides positive encouragement with each message. “

– KM


“I really enjoyed working with my yearbook rep and the program so I will be back next school year for sure.” -JB

I am a new yearbook advisor, and I had a staff of  6th graders and two 8th graders. I had no period in my day dedicated to Yearbook, I had to use my one conference period I had, as I am a Science teacher all day. My yearbook rep was quick to respond to any questions I had and was more than helpful when I needed her. She made me even more confident that the yearbook task I was given was not going to be difficult to complete. She is appreciated and I just wanted to share my experience with you.” – BD

5 children laying in grass inside of our Photo Editor showing features
5 children laying in grass inside of our Photo Editor showing features

“My yearbook rep really exhibited strong customer service skills: responsive, encouraging, professional and knowledgeable.  The thing that also really stood out to me is,” Whatever my question, she replied promptly, with clear extensive directions when necessary, and always had a “you got this” attitude no matter how I felt I did not.”  This is so key!!!!!! Responding promptly with information and encouragement!!!” – LE

“Year after year I get contacted by other companies and I’m loyal to you guys because of your customer service!!!! The quality too but the help I’ve received along the way is priceless! Thanks!!!!” -VA

“I have worked on yearbooks for over 23 years now.  I have had the pleasure of working with my yearbook rep and School Annual for over 10 years.  I am a loyal client because of the working relationship I have with their stellar team and specifically my rep.  The first year that I worked as a teacher, I volunteered to work on the yearbook with a PTO mom.   About a week before it was due, she turned it over to me…that was the week of Spring Break and a scheduled trip to Tampa for me. I was shocked to see what had yet to be completed which prompted a frantic call to School Annual.  This was my first of many calls to my rep who assured me, “We’ve got this!” He told me what to work on and he worked with me to help me finish the annual in time for submission. He was very patient and supportive as was the team who answered my calls. This is why I am a returning customer.  Jump ahead a few years and I was no longer going to be a classroom teacher and would be working at a different school.  My former principal begged me to continue working on the yearbook and I said, “Yes!” I also became the yearbook advisor at my new school (new client for School Annual) which meant I was actually working on two yearbooks at two schools for a few years. This would not have been possible without my rep and School Annual’s dedicated professionals that I am happy to call my friends. Needless to say, I brag about my rep and School Annual at every opportunity I get.  The greatest attribute about School Annual is that they are personable and caring.  The quality of the yearbooks is fantastic.  Every student, parent and faculty love the school memories we document in our yearbook! What a treasure!” – BB

“School Annual by Jostens helps us produce an impressive and beautiful yearbook for our student’s year after year. The book quality is great, and the pages are clear and vibrant. We get personalized customer service anytime we contact School Annual.” – JS

“We love School Annual! The yearbook is a treasure that captures the spirit of the school – taking on extraordinary meaning for each student! Working with School Annual and transforming our yearbook into a treasure for all students has been the best experience – from the creativity and inspiration to the guidance and direction.” – MB

“We have used School Annual Online since 2008!  We have consistently been happy with our product, and most especially with the customer service we have received. Our rep is amazing! been with us since the beginning!!

Whenever we have a question, it is quickly answered, and the issue is resolved. The program is very, very easy to use! There is lots of variety with page layouts, backgrounds, and fonts. You can create many beautiful pages.

I would definitely recommend School Annual Online for your yearbook needs.” – LM

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