Kristen Yoder

Yearbook Creativity Wonder Woman

Yearbook Creativity Wonder Woman

For three years, Kristen Yoder has donned the cape of creativity as a School Annual sales representative and team leader, helping advisers, students, parents, and administrators to love their yearbooks. She loves to talk to her customers and relishes the moment when all the possibilities just “click.” That moment when they understand how the page flow comes together with all the other elements is a thing of beauty.


With countless moments to treasure, your school yearbook shouldn’t have to sacrifice over time or budget. We simplify the yearbook creation process by delivering you an impressive arsenal of powerful, creative, user-friendly tools.


Photography is one of the most important elements of any yearbook, and so we offer you easy and powerful photography tools, to get you on your way to creating and selecting the best images for your yearbook pages.

Cool Covers

Each year we add over 30+ new covers to our yearbook cover library, giving you the widest variety of options for expressing your one-of-a-kind elementary school year. Create your own from scratch, or select one of our professionally-designed covers.

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